About Us

The Southington Robotics and Technology Education Association is a 501c(3) charity founded in 2017 by a group of passionate robotics mentors and parents. The organization consists of a Board of Directors, three members at large and four officers. The Board is as follows:

  • Jill Polverari, President
  • Lance Florian, Vice President
  • David Drechsler, Secretary
  • Chris Schuster, Treasurer
  • Mark Maciejewski, Director
  • Scott Polverari, Director

Many volunteers assist with the operation of the Southington Robotics and Technology Education Association. Some include:

  • Jim Gorham, Graphic Design

The Mission of the Organization shall be to promote interest in science, engineering and technology-related careers throughout central Connecticut schools and communities they serve and develop leadership, business, teamwork and communication skills.

We accomplish this through various fundraising events held throughout the year, and in turn, provide financial funding to the programs we support that align with our mission.